Monday, September 3, 2007

Key Issues and Players

Key Issues
  • To achieve the result of getting the type two diabetes drug onto the pharmaceutical benefits scheme. Why? If this is achieved the drug will be subsidised, leading to an increase in sales.
  • There is a strong competitor base with approximately 16,000 competitors. Why? The stronger the competitor base the harder it will be to promote CSUPharma as the leading drug that should be able to make it onto the scheme.
  • Standard of testing. Why? The CSUPharma drug has under gone the required amount of clinical trials and laboratory testing which gives it a stronger chance of being excepted onto the scheme.
  • Currently there isn't a type two diabetes on the scheme. Why? Given that there isn't one on the scheme this give CSUPharma a much better chance of getting on the scheme.

Key Players

  • Federal Member of Health. Why? This person is the main connection to getting the drug past onto the scheme. If this person approves the scheme it basically can go onto the scheme straight away.
  • The Federal Member of Healths media advisor. Why? If this person starts to raise media awareness on type two diabetes and the CSUPharama drug itself, it can create public pressure that will reflect back upon the Federal Member of Health, who will have to react on public pressure.
  • The Chair of CSUPharma. Why? He is the face of CSUPharma. He is a member of the Federal Government Science Advisory Panel. He could put forward a proposition to inquire into the levels of Diabetes within Australian society, to help raise the awareness of type two diabetes and start the ball rolling for it to be placed within the scheme. The chairman also owns his own company that is a major contributor to the Wagga Wagga branch of the National Party.- This could be seen as a good way to lobby for the scheme, through the relationship of the chairman and the National Party. The only issue with this is that he has tried to be nominated as the local member for the National Party, and on both occasions he has failed. This shows that the relationship between the chairman and the National Party is most likely not too strong and shouldn’t be highly depended on.
  • Dr Norfled. Why?He will be the main connection for our firm to gain information about the company and the product. The only downside is that CSUPharma’s medical director is newly appointed, and is therefore not a specialist in the field of diabetes. He does have a background in fruit drinks for kids.

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