Saturday, August 11, 2007

Environmental Scan

Client = CSUPharma, a pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  1. They have created a new drug for type two diabetes.
    - ‘In 2003 approximately 16,000 complementary medicines were listed in the ARTG’ ( Complementary medicines in this sense stand for medicines used for diabetes. This means there is the possibility that there are approximately 16,000 competitors.
  2. They have completed two years of clinical trials, and have people following three years of laboratory testing.
    - This is a good average with most trial periods for type two diabetes drug being on average 36months (

Aim = Create a public affairs strategy that will:

  1. Get the drug approved through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.
    - ‘For nearly 60 years, the Australian Government’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) has provided reliable, timely and affordable access to a wide range of medicines for all Australians. Many medicines cost the Government much more than the price you pay – some cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, but the government provides a subsidy so that you pay much less. You receive the benefit of this subsidy when you have your prescription for a medicine filled under the PBS’ (
    - At present there is no type two diabetes drug on the scheme as the government feels that people can afford the current drugs. Considering the latest interest rate increase, it could be a possible way to lobby for the average family household. With the increase in mortgage repayments, families dependant on this form of drug may be feeling the squeeze more than in normal times. Therefore it could be a good time to place the drug on the scheme.
  2. Develop a new corporate social responsibility charter.
  3. Lift CSUPhara’s profile among politicians.

Loop Holes

  1. I am a personal friend of the Federal Member of Healths principal media advisor.
    - This opens many opportunities for me to have direct contact with a key stakeholder in making this aim a reality.
  2. The Chair of CSUPharma is a member of the Federal Government Science Advisory Panel.
    - He could put forward a proposition to inquire into the levels of Diabetes within Australian society, to help raise the awareness of type two diabetes and start the ball rolling for it to be placed within the scheme.
  3. The chairman also owns his own company that is a major contributor to the Wagga Wagga branch of the National Party.
    - This could be seen as a good way to lobby for the scheme, through the relationship of the chairman and the National Party. The only issue with this is that he has tried to be nominated as the local member for the National Party, and on both occasions he has failed. This shows that the relationship between the chairman and the National Party is most likely not too strong and shouldn’t be highly depended on.
  4. Dr Norfled, CSUPharma’s medical director is newly appointed, and is therefore not a specialist in the field of diabetes. He does have a background in fruit drinks for kids.

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