Friday, October 19, 2007

Final Scenario

a) Develop three points on how CSU Pharma might engage all Federal politicians in supporting its new drug.

1. Health issues always play a large role in elections. As there is an election coming up, it is very important that CSU Pharma make sure all Federal politicians recognise the amount of people within Australia that have Type II Diabetes, and the amount of votes they could win over by opting to subsidies people with this condition.

2. CSU Pharma could hold a charity night in which politicians would be invited. They would then be informed about the new product, which could sway their thinking towards putting the drug on the scheme, whilst at the same time being seen as a good Samaritan for attending a charity function.

3. CSU Pharama need to establish a strong connection with key influential politicians. By gaining their trust and respect, they could pass on the message of how important it would be to have this drug on the scheme. In return CSU Pharma would need to raise support within the general public for these specific politicians.

b) Develop two sentences (talking points) that all CSU Pharma senior executives should use when meeting federal/state politicians and bureaucrats to get the drug accepted by the PBS.

Hello ……., its such a pleasure to meet you. I’m ……, I work for a CSU Pharma, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer. I’ve noticed from your current speeches and press releases that you seem to be really interested in the health standards and wellbeing of the Australian people. Did you know that in Australia more than 1500 people are found to have type 2 diabetes per week. We too at CSU Pharma are worried about this epidemic, so we created a drug that will help to minimise the symptoms of type 2 Diabetes. The people of Australia need this drug, and with your help I believe we can make Australia a better place.

c) Identify two concepts that might lift the reputation of CSU Pharma in the perceptions of politicians/regulators/bureaucrats in Canberra.

1. CSU Pharma has to seize this opportunity that lay ahead of it with the election on its way. CSU Pharma need to make heavy donations, or guarantee to give heavy donations to which ever party makes it in after the election. In return CSU Pharma would love it if the new Federal government happen to look fondly upon the idea of have a new Type II Diabetes drug on the scheme. Since CSU Pharma would have created already such a great working relationship with the newly elected government, it seems only fair that they return the favour.

2. Regulators and bureaucrats need to be informed of the facts of CSU Pharmas new drug, and the role that they would play as individuals if they allowed for this drug to be placed on the scheme. Regulators and bureaucrats should be given full access to the business and how the drug is made, so they can feel assured at all times that this drug, and the company that it comes from are most deserving of being placed on the scheme.

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